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Cell Projects manufactures High Quality Molecular Biology Products

ISO CertifiedCell Projects manufactures high quality Molecular Biology Products used globally in Life Science, Cancer Research and Medical Diagnostic fields, sold under Cell Projects and Isohelix labels alongside a thriving sub-contract design and services program. Our products include Electroporation, PCR, qPCR,  DNA Buccal and Saliva Collection with related DNA Stablisation and DNA Isolation kits.

Certified and Registered to ISO 13485:2003 & ISO 9001:2008 Commitment to Quality

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References the most up to date Scientific publications for ‘DNA Buccal Swabs and their related Purification Applications’. See the index on the Isohelix website.

Electroporation Products
PCR & qPCR Products

DNA Saliva Collection

Isohelix DNA Swabs & Kits

bullet Universal compatibility
bullet Design improvements
bullet Transfection buffers
bullet Reduced sample volume

bullet 96 well plates
bullet Semi, full & unskirted
bullet Sealing film & strip caps
bullet Clean room produced

bullet Easy/economic use
bullet Great DNA yields
bullet Downstream compatibility
bullet Highest DNA purities

bullet High yield buccal swabs
bullet Kits to isolate/purify DNA
bullet DNA stabilising options
bullet Reduced sample losses

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