Licensing Opportunities

Cell Projects holds a number of worldwide and exclusive licensing agreements based on well founded and tested Patents, Intellectual Property and Propriety Technologies originating from several major Universities and Medical Schools.

The IP would be of interest to companies interested in:

Cellular Gap Junction and Signal Transduction Analysis leading to:

  • Quantitative Assessment Procedures for peptides, siRNA or pro-drugs used for cancer and heart arrhythmia research
  • Microscopy or other instrument companies wishing to develop High Throughput systems to measure these activities
  • Chemical companies looking to broaden the use of specific fluorescent dyes in this arena
  • Companies focussing to develop unique and specific toxicity testing procedures for drug testing

DNA or other sample Concentration

  • Improving DNA yields following DNA sampling for techniques such as Sequencing & PCR
  • Increasing yield concentration following collection of proteins, bacteria and other active entities
  • Diagnostic Kit Manufacturers requiring additional yields to improve their viability of testing

DNA and Nucleotide Electroporation

  • Life Science companies developing novel Adherent Electroporation systems for DNA and other Nucleotide applications

For further information on Licensing Opportunities in confidence, please email