Electroporation Cuvettes

Electroporation Cuvettes

Electroporation01The Cell Projects range of HiMaX Electroporation cuvettes are designed to maximise molecular electroporation and electrofusion efficiencies for Bacteria, Yeast, Insect, Plant and Mammalian cells.

  • Low Dead Volumes – to reduce sample usage
  • Universal Fit & Sterile – compatible and guaranteed
  • Fine Tolerance Moulding – for consistent gap width
  • Unique Cap Design – improves seal and its use
  • Choice of Electrode Types – improves sample handling

Further Details

Each batch of cuvettes has to undergo rigorous testing at several stages during the manufacturing process for engineering tolerances, biocompatibility and sterility, prior their being Quality tested for optimal and reproducible impedance measurements.

bullet Compatibility – The cuvettes are compatible with most electroporation systems.

bullet Bio-Controlled – All batches are checked to optimise the Bio and Transfection compatibility, with stringent use of high quality grade polycarbonate and High grade chemicals to ensure consistent uniform pulse generation and improved gene transfer.

bullet High Tolerance Moulding – The moulding process ensures extremely high tolerances so that the electrodes have a consistent gap and parallel configuration. The electrodes are also cleaned chemically and physically to fully optimise the cuvette for high transformation efficiencies.

bullet Cap Design – The cap has been designed to improve aseptic handling techniques, while the lip and positive seal reduces potential aerosol and contamination issues.

bullet Size Range and Colour Coded – Available in 1mm, 2mm and 4mm gap sizes with individual colour caps.

bullet Sterile Packaged – Every cuvette is guaranteed sterile, packed using gamma irradiation and has a simple tear wrapper for easy access when you need it.

bullet Low Dead Volumes – All 1mm and 2mm cuvettes have a tapered V bottom so that reduced sample volumes can be used while aiding sample pick up and minimising dead volumes.

Catalogue Numbers

Supplied in packs of 50. All individually wrapped and sterile.

  • EP-101: 1 mm Universal Fit Cuvette
  • EP-102: 2 mm Universal Fit Cuvette
  • EP-104*: 4 mm Universal Fit Cuvette
  • EP-201*: 1 mm Universal Fit Cuvette with Long Electrode
  • EP-202*: 2 mm Universal Fit Cuvette with Long Electrode
  • PP-101: Disposable Sterile Individually Wrapped Plastic Pipettes

*Select for use in BioRad Excel Electroporator