Cell Projects Services provide a complete solution from designing your plastic components right through to production.

In our production, we implement exacting bio standards including:

1. Initial prototyping in various plastics for feasibility studies

2. High precision moulds project managed from drawing inception using high tolerance designs

3. Products are manufactured to defined exacting standards and can include:

  • DNase, RNase, DNA, Endotoxin free certification
  • Full clean room facilities for manufacture and assembly
  • Using quality virgin polypropylene for bio compatibility

4. Additional Assembly, QC and Support for:

  • Visual and physical QC testing for product performance
  • A full quality audit and batch-dating trail
  • Assembly to fully wrapped or boxed ready to ‘ship & sell’
  • Certified gamma irradiation
  • Design & print for wrapping, manuals and packaging

Please view our ‘Services Brochure’ or email for direct discussions.