GeneFiX Saliva DNA Collection

Under the Isohelix brand, Cell Projects manufacturers a range of integrated solutions for Saliva DNA Collection. These high yielding sample collectors seamlessly integrate into our expanding range of kits, all specifically designed to further improve the highest purities and yields of DNA used in Life Science Research, Molecular Diagnostics or the Forensics markets.


GeneFiX Saliva DNA Collection

Saliva DNAGeneFix is an easy to use and economical DNA saliva collection device designed specifically to store and stabilise DNA for 1 or 2 ml Saliva samples. The collection tube is pre-filled with a fully tested and chemically optimised stabilisation buffer. The simple screw-on funnel enables the saliva sample to be delivered directly and quickly into the buffer.

  • Economic, easy to use with integrated stablisation buffer
  • Unique funnel design prevents spillages and leakage
  • Improved DNA yields without loss of molecular viability
  • Suitable for use in the field, home or clinics
  • Collection tube designed for leak proof mailing
  • Saliva DNA stabilised for long periods at room temperature

GeneFiX Saliva DNA Isolation Kits

Saliva DNAThe GeneFiX Isolation Kits integrate various options for your saliva collection. From the very outset we developed a number of different isolation kits based around alternative chemistries, to optimise the key requirements of purity, yield and ease of use. Each individual isolation method has been specifically designed to maximise one key outcome that is of most importance to a particular application or researcher.

  • High Saliva DNA kit yields over 100µg
  • Several chemistries to maximise your downstream process
  • Suitable for manual or HT applications
  • Fast processing times with reduced steps
  • Some kits fit with other cartridge based designs


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