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March 2022

Cell Projects & Isohelix Renew ISO Certifications

Cell Projects and Isohelix renew both ISO13485 and ISO9001 certifications following an external renewal audit.

September 2021

Cell Projects Doubles it’s Floor Space

Cell Projects pens new lease for an additional office/storage facility, instantly doubling its existing floor area to further support its continued ‘year on year growth’ in sales, production and warehousing.

May 2021

Cell Projects/Isohelix Engages European Representative For It’s Range Of DNA/RNA Swabs and GeneFix Saliva Collectors

Cell Projects/Isohelix is pleased to announce it has now engaged Advena Ltd to act as our European Representative, for both the ‘GeneFiX DNA/RNA Collectors’ and ‘Isohelix DNA/RNA Buccal Swabs’  which will ensure a smooth and more efficient importation of our products being imported into the European market.
View Certification Here:

May 2021

Cell Projects/Isohelix and Autogen Sign Collaborative Agreement for Improved Automated DNA Workflows

The Isohelix DNA/RNA GeneFix saliva and buccal collection and isolation chemistries are now fully integrated into the Autogen FlexSTAR DNA automation systems, aiding the processing of larger samples volumes without detriment to high purity and yields of gDNA.
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May 2021

Isohelix DNA/RNA Swabs Certified to New EU Regulations

Cell Projects/Isohelix announce that it has formally completed the EU Certificate of Registration for the medical devices range of “Isohelix DNA/RNA Swab Buccal Swabs” under the new EU regulations 2017/745 in Europe that will become law in 2021.
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May 2021

GeneFix Saliva Collectors Certified to New EU Regulations

Cell Projects/Isohelix announce that it has formally completed the EU Certificate of Registration for the IVD range of “GeneFiX DNA/RNA Collectors” under the new EU regulations 2017/746 in Europe that will become law in 2022.
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December 2017

Latest High Throughput Saliva DNA Isolation

Isohelix has developed a new High Throughput Protocol for the rapid manual DNA Isolation of larger saliva volumes using common 96 deep well plates.
Isohelix has seen an increasing number of enquiries from scientists wishing to isolate DNA in large numbers of high volume saliva samples, inexpensively and quickly without having to commit to expensive automated instrumentation.
The GeneFixTM SalivaPrep2 isolation kit uses a unique and inexpensive chemistry, ideally suited for scaling to higher volume and DNA sample numbers without the losses for DNA Purity and Yields, yet has the added advantage of using centrifuges commonly found in most laboratories.
The SalivaPrep2 kit is flexible for any volume of sample.

For support in optimizing for your unique needs, please contact the technical team, 

SalivaPrep2 HT Protocol

December 2017

Isohelix Launches New Saliva RNA Collectors

Isohelix launches its new Saliva RNA Collectors for long term Room Temperature stabilization of RNA and DNA.
The  GeneFixTM Collectors are pre-filled with high specification Non Toxic Buffer and uses our Design-patented funnel for spill free use.
Please see the RNA Collection Brochure, or email

 August 2017

Isohelix Scores a Second Chinese CFDA Registration

Isohelix (UK) announces that their range of innovative DNA Buccal Swabs are now registered with the Chinese CFDA, alongside the recently CFDA filed DNA Saliva Collectors. The registration process included rigorous and exhaustive checks, covering risk analysis, manufacturing specifications, technical product performance and quality control processes. Tom Hole, CEO of Isohelix comments that “Isohelix has been well established in the marketplace for some time, and the registration of both of these key product lines supports the quality of our product design, manufacture and ongoing development.”

July 2017

ISO Certifications Renewed

Cell Projects and Isohelix renew both its ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications. Following an external renewal audit, we are delighted that Cell Projects/Isohelix passed first time, without any listed non-conformities, attaining the more stringent and latest ISO certifications.

December 2015

GeneFiX™ receives CE-IVD marking
Isohelix is pleased to announce that its GeneFiX™ Saliva DNA Collection Device has received CE-IVD marking, through completion of a comprehensive technical validation under the European Directive for In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices. Read more about this CE-IVD marking.  Isohelix is a division of Cell Projects Ltd.

December 2015

Laboratory expansion for Isohelix
Isohelix are initiating the construction of new cutting-edge laboratory facilities, the first in a series of laboratory redevelopments for the company. The new laboratories will ultimately add value and complement the existing excellent laboratory facilities. Read more information about the expansion here.  Isohelix is a division of Cell Projects Ltd.

December 2015

More saliva devices to choose from within the GeneFiX™ DNA collection
The Isohelix GeneFiX™ DNA collection has been expanded to include ‘Assisted’ and ‘Smaller Volume’ saliva devices. Read more for full product details. Isohelix is a division of Cell Projects Ltd.

December 2015

New BuccalFix Swab products available enabling improved DNA stabilization
Isohelix is pleased to announce a range of new BuccalFix products available which enable improved DNA stabilization. Available both in pre-aliquoted Manual and HT tubes.
Isohelix is a division of Cell Projects Ltd.

September 2014

Cell Projects announces the appointment of Geoff Spink as a Non-Executive Director
Geoff has held many CEO and Senior Director positions in UK/International listed private and venture capital-backed companies, many within the Life Sciences sector. Tom Hole, CEO of Cell Projects, said “I am delighted to welcome Geoff to the Board. I know that he will provide valuable assistance as we continue with the strategic development and growth of our business.”

June 2014

Cell Projects continues to expand its products under the ‘Isohelix brand with the GeneFiX Saliva DNA Collections and Isolation’ products.

January 2014

Cell Projects extends its Molecular Biology Laboratories due to continued expansion within its Manufacturing, Development and Service businesses.

April 2013

Two New additional Isohelix DNA Isolation kits have been launched for use with DNA swabs. Both kits have been designed to produce the very highest qualities of DNA.

January 2013

Isohelix products scale new heights on Mount Everest

Isohelix DNA Swabs and Stabilising Capsules from Cell Projects will be used for repeated DNA sampling and storage on the forthcoming Xtreme Everest 2 Expedition.

May 2012

Tom Hole, Managing Director at Cell Projects, announces the issue of US Patent no 8222014 for ‘Apparatus and Method for Planar Electroporation’ which is one of many patents supporting a new and unique range of Adherent Cell Electroporation devices being developed and commercialised at Cell Projects.

February 2012

Cell Projects announces its successful Certification of the ‘ISO 13485:2003’ Quality Management Standard, to a level suitable for the design and manufacture of devices used in In-Vitro diagnostics kits.

August 2011

Cell Projects presents posters on the Insitu technology at the International Gap Junction Conference 2011 in Ghent, Belgium.

July 2010

Cell Projects signs an exclusive worldwide agreement with a London NHS Hospital Trust to commercialise patent protected technologies for improving DNA yields from buccal and saliva collection devices.

May 2010

Cell Projects wins EU research grant to develop Adherent Electroporation as an In Vitro drug testing model for primary heart and cancer cell lines.

July 2009

Additional Office and Laboratory facilities are built at Cell Projects to cover the rapid expansion of the business.

October 2008

Cell Projects enters into a wide ranging commercial license and joint development agreement with Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada covering key Adherent Cell Electroporation Technologies.

February 2008

Cell Projects launches expanded range of PCR plates, strips and films.

May 2007

Cell Projects is awarded BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification.

January 2007

Cell Projects acquires Isohelix, a specialist manufacturer of easy-to-use high-yield DNA buccal swab devices and related isolation kits for the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

May 2006

Cell Projects introduces a range of cap strips for PCR and QPCR applications.

February 2006

Cell Projects moves into new purpose designed office, laboratory and warehouse facilities in Harrietsham, UK.

October 2005

Cell Projects wins DTI financial support under the ‘passport to export’ scheme.

August 2005

Cell Projects launches a range of branded 96 well PCR plates with improved performance characteristics.

March 2005

Several OEM and private label manufacturing agreements are agreed for Electroporation and other Molecular Biology consumables.

December 2004

Cell Projects sets up a new division to handle sub contract development and manufacturing agreements with external corporations.

September 2004

The Electrobuffer range of kits are introduced, aimed at improving efficiencies and reducing Cell Trauma for Mammalian Cell Electroporation.

April 2004

Cell Projects completes key International Sales and Marketing Agreements with Specialist Molecular Biology distributors for countries within Europe, America and Far East.

March 2004

A new range of technically superior Electroporation products are launched.

January 2004

The Cell Projects Research, Development and Manufacturing facilities are opened.