Isohelix DNA/RNA Buccal Swab Products

Under the well known Isohelix brand, Cell Projects manufacturers a broad range of integrated solutions for DNA Buccal Swabs as well as Saliva DNA Collectors.

These high yielding DNA sample collection devices seamlessly integrate into our ever expanding ranges of DNA Isolation and stabilization kits all specifically designed to improve still further the highest purities and yields of DNA to be used in Life Science Research, Molecular Diagnostics or the Forensics markets.

Isohelix Buccal Swabs

SK / MS / RD
  • High yielding swabs for DNA collection
  • Various format options
  • Suitable for both human and animal use
  • Production and bio-quality tracking

Stabilization Options

  • Both chemical and physical options
  • Stabilization period over 3 years
  • Long term storage at room temperature
  • Easy to use and vastly improves results

Isolation / Extraction Kits

  • Optimized for buccal cell swabs
  • Fast handling without compromise
  • No solvents, columns or filtration
  • Multiple options for different methods

DNA / RNA Accessories

  • Certified transport containers
  • Suitable for standard posting sizes
  • Options for sample traceability
  • Easy and safe to use

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