Licensing Opportunities

Licensing OpportunitiesCell Projects hold a number of worldwide and exclusive licensing agreements based on well-founded and tested Patents, Intellectual Property and Propriety Technologies originating from several major universities and medical schools.

The IP would be of interest to companies interested in:

Cellular Gap Junction and Signal Transduction Analysis leading to:

  • Quantitative Assessment Procedures for peptides, siRNA or pro-drugs used for cancer and heart arrhythmia research
  • Microscopy or other instrument companies wishing to develop high throughput systems to measure these activities
  • Chemical companies looking to broaden the use of specific fluorescent dyes in this arena
  • Companies focussing to develop unique and specific toxicity testing procedures for drug testing

DNA or other sample Concentration

  • Improving DNA yields following DNA sampling for techniques such as Sequencing & PCR
  • Increasing yield concentration following collection of proteins, bacteria and other active entities
  • Diagnostic Kit Manufacturers requiring additional yields to improve their viability of testing

DNA and Nucleotide Electroporation

  • Life Science companies developing novel Adherent Electroporation systems for DNA and other Nucleotide applications

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