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Cell Projects is a high growth UK manufacturer of high end molecular products used globally in Life Science Research, Cancer and Diagnostics fields under Cell Projects, Isohelix and sub-contract brands. Our core strategy focuses on the in-house research and development of new products and services producing new improved or disruptive technologies.


  • Universal compatibility
  • Design improvements
  • Transfection buffers
  • Reduced sample volume
  • 96 well plates
  • Semi, full & unskirted
  • Sealing film & strip caps
  • Clean room produced
  • Easy/economic use
  • Superior DNA yields
  • Highest DNA purities
  • Downstream compatible
  • High yield buccal swabs
  • DNA stabilizing options
  • Kits to isolate/purify DNA
  • Reduced sample yield losses


Cell Projects Services provide a complete solution from designing your plastic components right through to production including Research Laboratories, Product Prototyping, Sub Contract Manufacturing and Advisory ISO and Regulatory. Further details


Committed to Quality

Certified and registered to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, Cell Projects Ltd continue to meet the required ISO standards on an annual basis for the supply and manufacture of Molecular Biology Solutions.



Cell Projects Ltd is the proud manufacturer of the highly successful Isohelix range of products. For more information, visit the Isohelix website at www.isohelix.com.



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